The rules of the garden

The Trustees of Braintree & Bocking Public Gardens Trust want to make the gardens a safe
and enjoyable place for you to visit but there are certain facts you should be aware of:

  1. Paths may be slippery at certain times of the year. When wet or covered with leaves or in
    frosty weather or when snow covered please take extra care.
  2. The Lily Pond and the Scrape in the Wildlife Area contains deep water. Children should be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times when visiting that part of the garden.
  3. Some plants growing in the garden may be poisonous if consumed.
  4. The flowerbeds are treated from time to time with herbicides and pesticides which may be toxic if consumed or touched.
  5. Squirrels may bite. Please do not feed them.
  6. High Wind. In times of exceptionally high winds, and at the discretion of the Trustees the gardens will be closed to the public.

Opening Times: From 9 A.M to shortly before Sunset each day.

Vehicles: It is prohibited to drive any vehicle or cycle excepting a Disability Carriage into these gardens, without the consent of the Trustees in writing.

Climbing: It is prohibited for anyone to climb any wall, fence or tree in the gardens, particularly the wall surrounding the Lily Pond.

Removal of Structures: It is prohibited to remove any bench, ornament or object from the gardens.

Erection of Structures: It is prohibited to erect any fence, post, or building or part of a building in the gardens

Camping: It is prohibited for any person to erect a tent or park a vehicle or caravan in the gardens without the permission in writing of the Trustees.

Fires: It is prohibited to light any fires in the gardens, drop a lighted match or use a cigarette lighter so as to risk causing a fire to break out.

Ball Games: Ball games and other games are prohibited except those played by children under 10 years old, and with a responsible adult in charge. Care must be taken to ensure no damage is caused to plants or trees in the garden. Care must be taken that other visitors to the gardens are not put in danger.

Trading: Any trading for sale, let or hire, without the consent of the Trustees in writing is prohibited.

Protection of Flower beds and trees: It is prohibited to walk on any flowerbed or area prepared for planting.

Removal of Substances: It is prohibited to remove any stone, soil, or turf or part of or whole plant shrub or tree from the garden.

Cycles and other wheeled vehicles: The riding of any cycle, scooter, roller skate, roller blade, skate board or other wheeled vehicle in the gardens is prohibited, excepting the use of wheel chairs or other equipment designed for a disabled person, or for very young children accompanied by an adult.

Missiles: It is prohibited to throw or discharge any missile in the gardens.

Metal Detectors: It is prohibited to use a Metal Detector in the gardens without the consent of the Trustees in writing.

Noise: No person shall:- Sing or shout, play a musical instrument, Operate a radio, CD player or similar equipment where the volume of sound is, in the opinion of the Park Warden, enough to cause annoyance to other visitors to the gardens.

Public Shows & Performances: No person shall put on or take part in any public show or performance in the gardens without the consent of the Trustees in writing.

Exhibitions & Structures: No person shall put on any exhibition, or erect any swing, roundabout or like structure in the gardens, without the consent of the Trustees in writing.

Obstruction: No one shall obstruct the Park Warden or anyone acting on behalf of the Trustees,
in carrying out their duties in the garden.

Alcoholic Drinks: It is prohibited for visitors to the gardens to consume any alcoholic drinks in the garden, except at an event organised by or with the permission of the Trustees in writing.

Dogs: It is prohibited to bring a dog into the gardens, except a Guide Dog accompanying a
blind or partially sighted person.

Lily Pond: Swimming or paddling in the Lily pond is prohibited.

Removal of Offenders: Any person who has disobeyed these rules and persists in their behaviour after having been spoken to by the Park Warden or anyone else acting on behalf of the Trustees, may be removed from the gardens by a Constable.

By order of the Trustees of Braintree & Bocking Public Gardens Trust. E&OE By Order of The Trustees of Braintree & Bocking Public Gardens Trust Braintree & Bocking Public Gardens Trust Information, Rules and Regulations